OK, I admit it: I’ve started to be attracted of each hill I see in my travels, especially since I moved in NL. And what else to do after half of day on the beach, when outside are more than 37 degrees, when the sun is still burning as if it is the last day on Earth? Why not visit Alcazaba and Gibralfaro castle, laying on Gibralfaro hill? (For pictures, click here.)

Since last year, when we visited Andalusia and fell in love with the architecture from the Moorish occupancy, I craved for other citadels, gardens, fortresses. Alcazaba is such a good preserved fortress, that together with the flaming sun, you really feel that you are back in the eleventh century, surrounded by Arabic doors, palm trees, with the view over the blue sea. The place wasn’t really crowded, until to the end when a group of teenagers came, but even so there’s enough space: beautiful gardens and points of view over each corner of the city.


Following the hill, Gibralfaro citadel awaits to give insights over the city. From this point is hard to miss and realize how big the city is in fact. The paved road to it is a little bit oblique, so it is a bad idea to visit after Alcazaba, during a hot afternoon – I would recommend visiting it first and afterwards the Moorish fortress. The strange thing was that some couples were on the road, kissing and caressing each other, more like a prelude, in open space, so all the tourists could see them – maybe it was the sun… We were somehow lucky, the castle was going to close in short time so we managed to enter it. Following the trail on the exterior walls, the views are even more enchanting than the ones from Alcazaba: white neighborhoods, small and colorful buildings, palm trees, the blue of the sea and the bullfighting corridor.