What was mind blowing when we first visited NL was the all around smell of weed. If you find yourself in Amsterdam especially, you will not stop noticing the specific smell. And when we saw people smoking in front of the police, it was like “are we for real?”. It is not like you will not find it in Romania, but you can be jailed for it – this doesn’t mean that at a Massive Attack concert nobody was smoking.

So the first question was: is it for real legal or not? After searching and reading on forums, it was clear that marijuana is tolerated, but not legalized. What it is even strange is that by law you can raise up to 5 plants for own consumption, but the coffee shops have a maximum 500 gram merchandise at a point in time and no right to grow/buy. The conclusion is that you can raise, you can buy it from stores, but you cannot sell it. So how are the coffee shops getting it? Nobody knows, of course there is some trafficking – really hidden from the newspapers. Last year there was even a case of an old man caught selling own raised weed, but he wasn’t jailed because the weed was ECO.  A more updated article related with all the legal conditions may be found here.

One night we were heading to a LIVE concert near our apartment. It was around 10 pm, a weekday, and initially we thought that the concert ended (below the picture of the place). In fact, we were the only ones inside and the rest, around 15-20 people, were outside, on the street, rolling joints and smoking. This is the town in which you will not find a place to have breakfast at 7 am, but you will find a coffee shop (places where you can buy easy drugs, but no coffee). In the quiet town of Haarlem 🙂