Facebook reminded me that 5 years ago we visited Câmpina – a small town near Bucharest, where the castle of B.P. Hașdeu resides, the place where he consecrated the last years of his life in order to get in touch with his dead daughter.

The town has the common architecture of the mountains ones, being the first one as you enter Prahova Valley. Now that I think about, the serenity that we feel in Haarlem has the same grade with the one encountered as we wandered around in Câmpina. It was a sunny day and the road from Bucharest with the train took only 1 hour and 30 minutes. The train station is kind of far from the city center, but it was a pleasure to walk through the wildness around the Prahova river. As soon as we got to the “castle” a thrill passed through my entire body: the windows, the statues, the unusual structure of it. B.P. Hașdeu was a great writer and historian of Romania, but after his daughter died, he tried to reconnect with her and invested all his knowledge into spiritualism – and this can be sensed in the castle, where secret rooms exist and strange objects can be inspected. Passing through the corridors, looking at the old pictures of the family, listening to the stories about life and death, the feeling of mystery and unbelievable invaded me. The castle has a big, green garden, with small wooden chairs, inviting you to rest in the wind, to meditate about life after death, about pain and suffering.


We left the castle a little bit nostalgic, thinking about the fatality of being.. On the road we discovered a small museum with old paintings of Nicolae Grigorescu, one of the most known Romanian painter. In the unique house, where he moved in 1890, different paintings with ox carts can be seen – which seemed to be an obsession: more than 20 paintings are in his studio.