Each time we were in the mood for a fresh start or end of the day we were going in Titan Park or I.O.R., as known in the neighborhood. I saw the park changing over the 10 years I lived in Bucharest, 4 years in one part near it and 6 in the opposite direction (but still 10 minutes away). If in 2005 it was mostly unkempt, over the time the municipality invested more money and the park started to have another shape. It still has the wild parts, but, unfortunately, many of the natural trails are paved now. But at least the park is enormous, so everybody can enjoy their time there.

Being a park used by several big neighborhoods, it is crowded during weekend days, but when the night starts falling is the perfect spot for relaxation. We used to go jogging around the lake, which means a trail of 3.5 km, and usually many people are there for it. Beside the plain path, stairs are there for extra working out, just to make you more aspiring. And when you see the people around you exercising so much, you just cannot be lazy – rollers, bicycles, skateboards, tennis, football – everything you can imagine. As soon as the spring blossoms, the lake is covered by swimming families, parents teaching the small, black birds how to resist on water. During summer time the boat renting period is open, so it’s easy to use a hydro-bicycle to admire the park from the lake and to get lost between the ducks having their habitat there. The autumn brings colors all around – enchanting moment of wandering. And the winter will be perfect with hot wine, staying on a bench and admiring the ducks hidden on the wild islands from the lake.

If you find yourself in Bucharest and want to see locals acting without fear, head to Titan park. But pay attention, the children will make run after a ball or two.