When we arrived at Leidseplein the queue was already there, over 100 people waiting in a row longer than 100 meters. We decided to drink a beer in between, not to wait that much, and also the time of standing in front of the scene just passed for us.

After one hour the queue evaporated so we entered Melkweg easily. The only thing was that even if you have a ticket you need to buy extra a membership card, it would have been easier if this was already included in the ticket, not to bother to pay at a counter again (this is why you buy online, right?). The place was small and intimate, I don’t think we were more than 200 people. There was one guy making fun of the band, out loud, which kind of pissed us of and even Fran (the vocalist) told him to shut up. I liked the background of the scene, buildings changing lights – I just imagined myself in one small apartment there, seeing the band and the fans singing and dancing together. The vocalist took his microphone and walked into the crowd, we singed unplugged “Flowers in the window” and danced stupidly on “All I want to do is rock” (which was my favorite song at one point).

One moment of silence. “Re-offender” in our ears, with the story of a violent father behind. “Side” – the song in my head for many years (the green post it below followed me for years in my jobs, it was attached to the computer), dreaming about the choices made at 17, about how life could have been if instead of right I would have picked left and so on. The blue room, with metal posters, a girl going to sleep seeing a bloody heart from a Cradle of Filth poster. I don’t know exactly when I discovered Travis, but it is clear that in time their lyrics replaced the death & black metal I used to listen. I think my mother will be happy now, not wearing only black, without Black Sabbath makeup, more rational, less personal.

The concert was one of the best I ever attended, the guys played songs which all of us knew, they came into the crowd, they made jokes. It was one unique way to connect with the public. If you like their style and you have the occasion to see them live, I recommend it with sincerity.