Immediately after the exam we’ve been in the closest park in order to rest and to think about my future, about the hard process of leaving home. I was 18 and near me, my mother was slowly going into a sweet relaxation mood on a bench in Cișmigiu park. And who could imagine that in one year from that moment I will sit on the same bench with my sister, which was with me for 2 years in Bucharest?

As a flash, the memory of the first meeting with the colleagues outside university passes before my eyes. It is a summer night, we are laughing so hard, staying on a boat in the middle of the lake, without any paddle. It is still stuck to my mind, one of the best times with the entire group.

During spring, the park is filled with snowdrops and violet flowers, the ones I miss so much in the flower country. The big alleys are offering enough space for everybody and I don’t remember a day in which I felt the park overcrowded, as you can feel in others. Besides the lake a gigantic tree is waiting you for story telling and there are so many hidden places where you can tell secrets, where nobody is listening, where intimacy is easily achieved in a public space. Usually the park is filled with old people, resting on benches, playing chess or discussing about the current situation in the country. During summer time the laughter of kids it’s simply charming, making you nostalgic, desiring childhood so much. During winter time youngsters are skating on the artificial iced lake and the atmosphere is similar with the pop festivals I saw in NL: happy sounds, music, smell of popcorn. The park gives shelter, in an old citadel forming, to rockers groups, listening black or death metal, philosophizing about life and the meaning of it all. Around an old tree, the “library” pub is formed and here the good, black Romanian beer is at your disposal. Looking back at each part of it, it looks like a painting of Monet, where the colorful pieces are put together, creating a great universe, of which for sure you want to take part.

Cișmigiu park is still here, in my heart, in my mind, being the place where many secrets were shared, kisses, hugs, cigarettes. A place where I could always go for a walk, meet with some friends, discuss intimate subjects and not be afraid that a word will get out.