The visit to Muider Castle reminded me about the fortress of Făgăraș, which we visited 3 years ago in a cold February weekend. The small citadel was under renovation, but this didn’t stop the employees to be dressed in knight clothes and to invite the kids into the 800 years old complex. Situated in the most part of the fortification, the museum is open for visitors and, as each history museum from Romania, contains many vessels from other centuries, particular for the area, and, also, different types of traditional costume, still worn in some parts of the country. What I liked most was the enlarged canal around it, in which the castle was so beautiful reflected. I understood that now it is possible to rent a boat and enjoy the splendor of the fortress, relaxed in one of them.

As a city, Făgăraș is a mix of so different houses, grey apartment buildings (communist ones), reformed churches, synagogues, old cemeteries and the “great” orthodox church, residing in the center, with the huge golden roof. If in one part of the city, old, small and colorful houses are gathered around a 500 years old church, in the other part people are gathering on the river bank in order to catch fish, which is terrible good with polenta and garlic.

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