I had in mind a visit to the castle since last year, but each time I felt it’s too complicated to get there. In the end we decided to go on Sunday and I realized that is not that complicated, after all. From Amsterdam Central you need to take a train to Weesp, from there a bus for 3 stations and the castle is waiting for you at 1.7 km away (or you can take a bus from Amsterdam Amstel to get to the same point).

Muiden city is small and, sincerely, we haven’t seen much of it, since the wind was blowing too hard for promenades. The castle opened at exactly 12:00 and there were already more than 50 people waiting. But the time until the ticket office wasn’t much and it was even a pleasure due to the guy dressed as a elf singing to an instrument I haven’t seen before – Jew’s harp (of course you can buy tickets online and just enter the castle or you can have a museum card). As I was expecting, the place was crowded with parents and kids, but it was a nice experience to see them acting in this kind of locations (the courtyard was full of tents with different themes and the children were madly in love with doing everything – cooking, making candles, fighting with wooden swords). For older children (like myself) a guide awaits for the group to form (based on the time you get from a machine) and to go on storytelling about the castle and the 4 rooms filled with furniture from the XVII century. Even if the guide spoke only in Dutch we could manage to understand the main parts, having also an English description in front of us – and also I could feel that he was unprepared because of the huge pauses and babble.

What I hadn’t liked is that there were 4 eagles and owls (even a baby owl) for the visitors to take pictures with them and the fact that I was expecting more history in it. But, beside these 2, the castle provides a lot of utilities for spending an entire day there: tables for picnic, theater, swords fighting scene or costumes for you to take pictures with. Below a preview of the pictures I took transformed with HDR (click on the photo if you would like to see them).