As soon as you enter the museum you will be able to listen to stories of people who made it, who could pass over, somehow, their madness and their inability to co-exist with others. The old, big closets contain fragments from their lives, with specific things: a dress, a doll, a TV. You can hear their stories and even if it’s in Dutch, you can feel the pain from their voice.

Next to this room small chambers are waiting for you to get the chills. Seeing the isolation rooms I felt my heart broken in pieces and I couldn’t stop thinking of the cruelty people are showing with things they don’t understand. The museum is structured in such a way that you could feel and understand stories and the history of mental illnesses, especially how things progressed in this area and how terrible people can be with each other.

I cannot stop thinking about it, the hard feeling I had in the 2 hours I’ve spent in it. The movies, the pictures of people fighting with the people around them. And the question remaining is “Have I lost my mind? Or they?”