3 years ago we were traveling to Sâmbăta de Sus – a mountain village, near Brașov/Sibiu, where you should be able to make your peace with God, taken into account the monastery and the place where a important priest used to hide. And not forget about the settlement from Șinca Veche with an unknown history and a place full of mysteries, hobbit houses and caves. Being there, on the balcony, taking the shoots for a mini timelapse, I was not able to quit myself thinking of the distance between me and God. With the eyes wide open, hearing my colleagues laughing and enjoying their time, I was staring at this greatness around us, the snowy mountains at the end of May and the sun slowly going down. Romania should be the perfect place to get together with God, there’s no corner in which a priest is not laying, there’s no old woman without the fear of the next life. But in that place, on one level up to heaven, I was so far from what religion should mean and the peaceful life we should have, without fears, without second guessing.