Google Maps. A dot of green. 3 km away from home. This is how almost all our trips start: searching for the green dot on the map, somewhere around us, going by foot each time. I am madly in love with nature, the trails near the water, the colors of the trees, of the sky, the singing of birds.

And when spring starts everything seems to be so violent in colors and in sounds. The period in which the birds are hatching in the water nests is the most beautiful one: tiny breaths going on the water, screaming for the parents. But what I’ve seen yesterday was the most violent scene from my life… We were coming happy on the path, when I saw a women taking pictures of something on the river: it was a American Coot family, the small little guys just hatched and were jumping already in the water. They are small, beautiful, with red stripes emerging from the head. In the water the father with 2 of the babies were trying to find something else to eat for the mother and brothers, who were resting in the nest. Suddenly, the parents started making loud and powerful noise: a seagull came and took one of the babies… He was holding the bird in his mouth and you could see the struggle… After 3 minutes he came again, to take other.. it was the death noise, so hard to understand it… We tried to scare him away, but seagulls aren’t afraid of humans.