Oh, so many things passed through my mind over the years! First I was a doctor – the dream each girl from the neighborhood had. For many years I was with my head up in the sky and I was convinced I will be a math teacher at Oxford University. I quit on dreaming too high so I stopped at one time thinking I could become a psychiatrist, but I stumbled in all the biology I had to learn. I never imagined I will become a programmer and sometimes it is still a wonder I work in IT and … here I am, after 9 years. Exactly 9 years ago I got my first job, 1 month after becoming 20, at the end of the second year of university. I never imagined I will move outside Romania and, now, many times I dream to leave NL for a unknown island, somewhere in the Pacific, where, from time to time, the tide is too high. I never imagined I will be able to throw myself so deep within. In the fight for and with life, I always forgot about myself, working hours after hours, having a full time, a part time and school, having pleasures only in some hours in weekends, putting myself aside for what society thinks realization means. The countdown for 30 began and somehow I am scared – I clearly skipped all the check points that society has in mind for this age.

Should we take into account what society says? Do we have a specific role or we can be whatever we want to be? I will never find an answer to this and, from time to time, I quit on thinking which is point. What I am grateful for is the fact that finally I know what work-life balance means and I have time for hobbies I dreamed about having. One of them: wandering like crazy and making super normal pictures. Below a remake of the pictures I took in Haarlem, Haarlemmerhout park.