In the sunny days I like to walk like crazy along with D. We don’t speak much, just walking kilometers over kilometers, without any specific target or end of the way. Today we’ve started from home with the idea that maybe we will rent some bikes and, finally, I will start riding bicycles in the cycling country. But at Haarlem’s station I changed my mind and said “let’s just got, let’s go see Schoteroog”. Ok, it was 4 km away, but why not? The weather was on our side. Schoteroog looked as a green dot on Google Maps and in the end it seemed to be a green hill with many pathways and a place for dogs. There were almost no part of the hill without any dog – kind of stressful for me. But I tried to chill and seeing a plane flying over at minutes apart was kind of relaxing. Oh, just look at the “windows” sky!

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