I know… so many posts in the last days. Some things changed – my job, D’s schedule – so I have more time than I had before (which was still a lot 🙂 ). The job I have now is probably the best job I ever had and this is helping me a lot in leaving the gray feelings my previous job gave me for so many months. And you know, when you have time you are thinking more and more in parallel threads, instead of relaxing or simply stop, stop remembering things, stop regretting, stop judging, just embrace what’s here and now. But until then, I will translate a short prose, from more than 7 years ago, with which I used to participate to a blog contest (with 500 characters you had to write something about a theme, it was organized by Calin (in Romanian) and we had a vote session too). This one is special for me, the theme was “Roof” and the word was, for me, an allusion to the roof I used to climb at my grandparents. So here it is:

New grandpa’s pleasure
On the roof there was a stork. Crazy fool, she made her nest in the chimney, and, in those days, my grandfather, desperate, was trying to chase her away. But where, dear God, could the poor bird go, when in the village there was no electric pole for her to make a nest? Evening by evening, my grandfather was climbing on the roof, maybe, one day, he will manage to shoo her. In the end, the stork quit and left all by herself, and him, for so many months, got used to climb on the house. And this is how you could see him, on every evening, on the roof, looking at the sky.