Sometimes I wonder how our life will be without Internet… I still have a lot of letters in a box under the bed, I still send postcards when I am traveling (even to me 🙂 ), but it is clear: without Internet the information that I have at “my little finger” at this moment it will be less than half. Yesterday I saw on FB that some friends are attending to an event in a park in Amstelveen, in Amsterdamse Bos. It was related with the area called Kersenbloesem Park, where a lot of cherry (“kersen” in Dutch) trees are in blossom in this period; and it was an event organized by the municipality in order to celebrate with Japanese diaspora the spring (I guess). The public transport is not that great in the area, but there are only 2 km from Amstelveen bus station – so a good way to view beautiful and clean neighborhoods. The trail goes on bamboos bridges and, suddenly, the cherry flowers come before your eyes. After wandering around in the small area, looking at the pet pig so clean and funny, we relaxed near the lake, as sun was coming down.

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