If there’s something in this world I love, is being in the woods, hearing happy, small birds all around me, being filled with an inner peace I will never have in the city. Having luck with the weather, we took the train from Haarlem to Santpoort North and from there we’ve started wandering on Cremerroute, a 5 km route, which goes deep into the common dutch nature: dunes, moving trees and yellowish grass. After admiring the swampy areas, we headed to the beach, where everyone was enjoying the sunny day. We entered the beach in the special zone for dogs and it was an unpleasant smell and feeling: I am kind of scared of dogs and seeing them jumping or running around me made me feel so uncomfortable! But after 1 km or so, this part ended and we could enjoy better the surrounding area. Of course, we couldn’t hesitate not to eat some dutch snacks with a cold beer, on a terrace, admiring the blue sky drowning in the sea.  For more photos, just click on the one below. 🙂