It was a sunny Sunday, but the wind had in mind to transform it into a cold one. In Aix en Provence you can follow the trail of fountains, starting with the big one from the city center intersection; and if the sky is blue is the perfect day to do so. The old center was filled with uproars from the street market fully opened in the small plaza and the tower reminded me about the trips in Sighisoara, staying up late in night, singing in the old passage. As soon the clock beaten 12:00 the restaurants started serving only food. When we’ve asked for a table the waiter said that they are serving food so if we want to drink only coffee it’s not possible. And he looked at us, squeezing his shoulders, and said with a stupid smile on his face “Je suis desole…”. And I guess he was sorry, ’cause after 1 hour his place was still empty and we just passed by searching for a place to eat. But rule is rule, and as it seems, you drink coffee until 12:00 and you can eat lunch only until 15:00. A good thing to have in mind for our next french encounter.