Tomorrow is a big day for me: a new job, new team, new people. I am somehow intimidated because of the new start, but I just can’t stop thinking about the amazing trail we’ve been on in Cassis, France, 2 weeks ago. It was a rainy day, but it didn’t matter that much, until we observed that the windshields of our friend were stolen while we wandered around. You can imagine how angry all of us were, since it was really raining and it seemed to be a life-death situation. After we went in 4 gas stations we finally heard about a place where they fix cars and we were lucky to find the appropriate ones for the car. This is the annoying part transformed in time in the funny story of looking for the windshields, but let me come back to the trail. We’ve done the easiest one, I suppose – since it takes only 1 hour and you get to the sea in no time. Being on the cliff edge, old harbor buildings reflected in the azure water enchant your eyes, followed by the luxurious boats in the Calanques de Port Miou area. But what I liked most was staying on the cliffs, having in the left the shape of what civilization could be and in front and right enormous waves, slamming into the yellowish stones.