If last year I was thinking about how I’ve started to lose my Romanian values, today, since I am home, in the apartment I grew up, I think it was all related with the fact that I was in my first months of movement. As I was saying in that post, in Romania we have a lot of traditions, most of them celebrated with family. During communism period, 8 of March was celebrated as Mother’s day, but nowadays things changed and women, mothers or not, receive flowers or gifts, depending on the custom in the relationships. Most probably is the best period to have a flowery: in the morning in less than 5 minutes 10 flower arrangements were sold in front of me.

What I like most about March is the first week, in which we are wearing that little thing called “mărțișor” and for the first time in many years I saw an middle-aged guy having one on him too (OK, it was in my hometown – where it is tradition, but even so, after living 10 years away that’s something). What’s even better is the celebration of the 40 martyrs of Sebaste (you can check it here) with the so called “little saints” (East) or “martyrs” (South): shaped in 8, delicious dough passed through honey and shredded nut. They are celebrated on the 9th of March and in Romania the tradition is that men should drink 40 glasses of wine, but since today is women’s day we’ve started already with it.