In the south of Netherlands the celebrations for Easter already started. I say Easter, because the fasting for it will start and in order to say goodbye to flesh people are getting dressed in beautiful costumes and party for 3 days. If in Romania the beginning of fasting is known by the last heavy pig meal, in Maastricht the abstinence of animal products is announced by colorful and amazing costumes.

The train station received us with the ceiling full of colors and clown portraits. In 5 minutes, as the trains arrived into the station, the hall started to crowd with different and funny people. Even Mary Poppins came, the father seriously in the big dress having besides him the daughter of 5 dressed in a pink sheep/wolf. He wasn’t the only one: it seamed to be a rule in families for fathers to dress in women costumes, especially if they had a daughter. The cutest family I’ve seen was composed by the shark parents and the boy-divers making balloons in their submarine. General joy was in the air and you just forget everything due to the colors invading each corner of the street. An experience I will live again next year, but next time with costumes too.