I forgot how i is to be all night long on the road. The bus left at 22:00 and after 8 hours I was arriving in Karlsruhe, where my oldest sister lives with her family. It is clear I am too old for this kind of traveling; when I was a student I used to travel home on Friday night and come back on Sunday night (9 hours each way) and still be able to work for a week without any problems. Now I was kind of sleepy and tired, but I was incapable not to respect our schedule and go in Baden-Baden.

From Karlsruhe several trains or trams are getting to this small town, in the Black Forest mountains. The ticket is cheap, 10e for return trip and any bus in the city for all day long. By mistake we took the bus to the industrial area, but, fortunately, the town is compact so it was easy to get back into the center. We walked along the Lichtentaler Allee, having on the right side the river and beautiful houses, and on the left side the woods with the mountains in the background. Small spring flowers were starting to bloom at each tree root: yellow, white or purple. I think that the area it’s more than wonderful at the real beginning of spring, but for now it was more than wanted: after so many rainy days in Netherlands seeing the flowers of my childhood reinvigorated me. Around us we heard multiple times Romanian and, as it was to find out, in the area a lot of Romanians are living. And why not in Baden-Baden, where a XIX century orthodox Romanian church is waiting for visitors in the top of the hill, behind the Trinkhalle?