If you are coming from Bucharest, the best way to get to Sibiu is on Transfăgărășan, but only during late spring to early autumn, since in rest the road is closed due to heavy snow. This wasn’t our case in our first visit, since we came from Alba-Iulia, which is in the north of Sibiu. For a while I forgot, but we took a old bus, which was stopping before each hill to climb. The entire trip was extreme, being in a dusty bus with a driver which was expecting each hill top to let the bus follow the road quickly, without breaks. After 2 hours we finally made it and we celebrated our next 3 days in Sibiu with traditional food in beautiful pubs.

Sibiu was the cultural capital of Europe. Since then, and most probably before, a lot of cultural events are taking place each year, especially in the summer time. Now, looking at the photos, I realize the same feeling I had in Sibiu I had in Barcelona, during Merce festival. At each corner, artists were showing their talent, by singing, drawing or dancing; and in the middle of the Big Plaza a scene was set for concert during evenings. Wandering around the town you will feel like somebody is following you: it’s only the sensation transmitted by the creepy eyes from the roofs. A specific smell will be noticed, especially in the area with historical old houses. In Romania the law says that you have to use special materials to renovate historical houses and many are the same like hundred of years ago, being expensive to renovate. Reminiscence of what used to be a big, commercial town in medieval Transylvania, Sibiu still has left old towers of observations from the citadel. Tours are organized, but we just followed the map and we had the luck to meet a history teacher at one of the towers. He told us the history of the city and, also, some new, good gossips about what’s happening there. After spending 2 hours with him, we headed to see the other towers, only to meet with teenagers dressed in medieval costumes, serving beers. And what more do you need when you are in a holiday in a splendid city?