A small ray of light was tickling my face this morning, while slumbering in bed. I got up, even if I wasn’t exactly fresh, and while exiting the bedroom I observed on the front door window the snow lying in front of the house. It was a matter of minutes for the sun to appear on the blue sky so we headed to the woods of Haarlem.

On our way we met with many kids, out so early for a snow fight. Of course, the quantity of snow was so small, that with the snow from a car only 2 snowball could be made. But it didn’t matter; the kids were screaming, joyfully and on each small frozen puddle they were sliding on ice – and they weren’t the only ones. Curiously, for a Sunday at 10 am, many people were on the streets. Not shopping, since the stores open at 12, simply wandering around on the first day of snow in this winter; even the woods were populated, compared with other times we’ve been there (usually on Sundays). The mix of green, yellowish sun and white made me think that I never seen that much green in the winter time – in Romania the snow covers everything, but it is a fact that starting with October the green disappears. Day by day I am realizing that I am still in the accommodation process in the new country. Almost one year passed, but time to time, I am like the deer in the park: happy with what’s around, but once in a while staring through the fence, waiting for it to tear down.