After the girl from the tourist office mocked me because of how I pronounced Monschau we headed to the city center. Compared with other German cities we’ve visited, Aachen seemed more warm, friendly and safe; but it was almost 12 and, suddenly, a war siren shrouded the city. Since I moved in Netherlands I am kind of used with it, on each first Monday of the month we hear it too. But this time it was different: the sound was more powerful and long. After a 5 minutes break it started again and I saw before my eyes gray scenes from the war movies I watched in the past. It made me feel uncomfortable and, fortunately, it all disappear when we arrived at the cathedral.

In the last years I am in a kind of fight with religion. I believe in God, but I don’t believe in priests (no matter which kind). So I enter cathedrals only if there’s something impressive about it. In front of Aachen cathedral a miniature of it exists and it’s saying that it is included in UNESCO. It should be something special about it, right? And of course it was: the ceiling had Christianity scenes, but the colors and the painting style were similar with what I’ve seen in Cordoba. If you are in the area, don’t miss it, it takes only a few minutes to visit, but deserves it.