The road from Aachen to Maastricht goes through Vaals. I stumbled on it on the map in order to find out that there, at the intersection of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, the highest point of Netherlands is situated (323m).

The point is at 5 km away from Aachen, and if the weather would have been sunny, I would have walked from the city to the top of the hill. A lot of signs with directions to Germany, Netherlands or Belgium invites you to leave in order to find new places. It was funny, since we were eating Hungarian soup, in a Dutch restaurant, looking to Germany and having telco signal from a Belgium company. Now this is multiculturalism, I could say.

The road is composed from maximum 5 serpentine, having around huge trees. There’s a tower that you can climb (or take the elevator to the top) which has a glass platform, on which you can stay (shaking) and admire the countries that lay in front of your eyes. The colors are for sure weird for winter time, like it is not enough weird to be in the same time in 3 countries.