Oh, this year passed so quickly! It seems like yesterday I was stumbled in our apartment from Bucharest in all our boxes prepared with stuffs to take in Netherlands. I can say it was an amazing year, in which I learned that friendship can be destroyed or toughen by distance and that in a totally new environment you start to change without notice. I never imagined that I could travel as much as I did this year and that I will be restless in finding new locations on Google maps. Crossing the line, it was maybe the best year until now.

Looking back I realize that, even if in some places we had some negative experiences, I am so positive about everything we saw. But, as it stays in the human habit, I have some preferred location of which I think from time to time. So here we go:

  1. After many weeks with no sun, Spain came like the light from the end of the tunnel. Our trip from the end of October is my favorite one, due to the fact that I had part of beautiful cities and impressive nature: Seville, Ronda, Benaojan, Setenil, Cordoba, Toledo
  2. In the search of H.C. Andersen house and memory in Denmark we’ve found extremely beautiful island cities and a large variety of fish food.
  3. Netherlands was surprising during summer time, revealing villages in which I would like to grow old, taking a walk on the beach. Urk is my favorite one, quiet town at sea, which was an island in the past. The place is full of history and has special traditions.
  4. After reading a lot of articles about Netherlands, I was afraid that we will miss nature so much. But, after more research, I realized that sometimes it’s better to try it on your own than listening to other people. As a result, the trips through the parks are still vivid in my mind: bison trail, Amsterdamse dunes or the hidden part of Nijmegen.
  5. How can I pass over Porto? Since that trip I don’t want to drink any wine other than Porto’s one. The first encounter with the ocean was so strong that I am preparing for a dive in it for March (surprise, surprise).

What do I wish for next year? Outside the usual stuffs (quit smoking, losing weight, read more books, discover the world and more nature trips) I wish for a more peaceful way of being and self acceptance. And what I wish for you guys? Have the best time of your life and always see the full part of the glass! Happy New Year!