2 years ago we went to Felix baths in order to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I always wanted to visit that part of the country, which seemed impossible to reach from 600 km away. But after some organization, together with our friends, we took the night train. The trip takes more than 12 hours, since in Romania the high speed train is just something to dream with your open eyes. But at least there are sleeping cars, which are clean and as comfy as you can get traveling on a old train track.

We didn’t had that much luck with the choice we made when we booked our rooms: it was a house, not old, but not that well maintained. Beside this, we also booked the dinner for all the evenings, which were disappointing. After we got there we learned that all the rental houses have also hot water pools and that ours was just a joke. But, outside this part, we took advantage how much we could of the baths. There’s no place in the area that doesn’t have a thermal water spring. There are so many pools and even a aqua park. So you swim in the hot water looking at the snow near the pool. Nice, right? The area is somehow isolated, so there aren’t so many activities, beside swimming or wandering around the park in which, during end of spring, the lake is covered by lotus flowers and lily. Oh, but I remember the special donuts from the area and the lunch we had each day at the same restaurant – good and fat traditional food.

In one day we visited Oradea, which is really close. The town is a reminiscence of what the Austrian empire used to be in Transylvania (the city is right at the border with Hungary). Old buildings with specific architecture still resist in people’s ignorance. Looking now at the photos I realize how much potential is in fact in this city, which has at each corner so beautiful buildings. We were searching for a tourist map, a simple one. From store to store and asking around we ended up in the town hall, where we spoke with the principal architect of the town who gave us the only tourist map from the town. Sometimes I feel that the communism erased so much our nation and that in the last 26 years we still fight. But with what? How much time a nation needs to restart? How many years will take us?

With all these thoughts and discussions between us we wandered around in our last evening in Felix Baths. A new year started and the world already changed: it was only the beginning of January but in the gardens the snowdrops already appeared. We admired a great sunset and headed out to the train, for another long night on the road.