Each love story has something special. And as each love story starts ours too started with a kiss in a evening, under the moon. Since then my life and conception about relations changed so much. A few weeks ago I subscribed to a Romanian magazine and I received it in my mailbox together with a notebook on which it is written “Miss writing” – in Romanian the words are more powerful. So I’ve started remembering the untold stories and the fact that from many years I wanted to write more and more, but always I was discouraged because I don’t have any talent for it (I used to write in high school theater, but I quit).

Each time I feel like this, I remember Tamina Waterfall and the sounds from the woods. The trees are tall and with almost no leaves. When the wind is blowing through them you will have chills, like feeling the only one on the planet. Each year, in the last weekend of July, we are traveling in order to celebrate our encounter. We don’t go out to restaurants or partying – it’s really not our style. We prefer the long walks in a new area and just talking about nothing. This was the case in 2009 when we celebrated 1 year. One month later D. brought Pica – our cat. (We are joking that she was the one keeping us together for so many years and when we moved in Netherlands we just couldn’t leave her behind.) In that hot July day we took the train at 6:00 am and got off in Timisu de Sus village. Only some trains are stopping there and there’s no place to buy a ticket from. In the station we met with the man taking care of it and, not really surprising, he was from my hometown – which is 400 km away. During communism period it was normal for the state to decide where should you move and work – many people were taken away from their hometown in order to produce for the country. Then I was saying that it is impossible not to find somebody from my hometown everywhere you go in the country, now I am saying it is impossible not find a Romanian wherever you are going. The road to the waterfall is easy, going through woods, with the trees I mentioned above. It was a pleasure also because there was almost nobody on it. The leaning is small so you don’t feel that you are climbing. After 1 hour walking we arrived on the green plateau, surrounded by all kind of wild berries and flowers. The place is known for bears, they usually eat in the plateau, there were signs everywhere, but we were lucky not to meet with one. The water falls among huge stones and there’s a iron ladder to climb near the waterfall. Up and up you will find another plateau with a lot of fruits and nice place to rest in the grass.