With this post I will end my posts about 2014 trips outside Romania. Initially I wanted to write on this blog our trips in our country, but since from Netherlands it is so easy to travel to different locations the purpose changed over time. So here it is our Paris experience, a part of what remained fresh in my memory.

After our 3 nights stay in London we took the train to Paris. I remember, amused, the feeling I had when we were in Paris North station: we were waiting for the people from the metro to get out in order to get in and somebody pushed us from behind. After the days spent in London (where nobody is touching you) I’ve started to laugh “We are home!”.

After we left our baggage at the hotel we headed out to Eiffel Tour. It was 20 minutes walking, but on the way back we got lost – after walking in circle for about 30 minutes, we managed to find the street. I remember I was captivated by the smell of fresh bakery, which was going to follow us in the next 3 days. But how many croissants can you eat? Or how many delicious cakes? I tried my best, believe me! In one small pastry shop 4 persons were working. I asked for a macaron filled with raspberry and it took 5 minutes to get it: one guy took it carefully from the window, another one put it in a box, the other one gave me the box and in the end I paid to the last one. I felt so amused that I wasn’t able to eat my macaron, even if, in my good days, I would have eaten it with one bite. But our trip was more than eating and drinking wine.

Early in the morning we’ve started to wander around Jardin du Luxembourg, a beautiful park in which we saw people enjoying their free time so different from the ways Romanians are. Group of elderly people were practicing Tai-chi, they were so relaxed and natural in their moves. Or fashioned young girls drinking coffee, sitting on the chairs especially set there. From the gardens we headed to Louvre Museum, but only to see it from outside – we didn’t had that much time to visit museums, so we just spent some time on the Seine. Of course we couldn’t resist to the idea to put also a locker on the bridge, so we bought one from the guys there. Going up and up we arrived at Sacre Coeur, where a bunch of guys were putting some braces on your hand and asking you for money. There was no police… And they were going mainly for Asian people, because they were too afraid to say no.

In Montmartre we visited the Dali museum, which was an interesting experience – I would have stayed for hours to watch one of his movies. As the night started to fall we left Montmartre and following the big streets we arrived at Notre-Dame de Paris. It was a good choice, since the area wasn’t crowded at that time and we managed to admire the cathedral in full splendor (from outside, of course). We put an end to the day with some wine and croissants, what else?