I am thinking about what to write in this post. Different scenes are passing before my eyes. If I would be in Romania today I would have a day off in order to celebrate our national day. I would call my parents to congratulate each others for being Romanians, I would go to the parade the army is having each year in Bucharest. And after some glasses of hot boiled wine, in the evening, I would sing the anthem with tears in my eyes.

As more time passes by, I realize that I left all of it behind. Of course, from time to time, I am nostalgic and I miss my country; but all the feelings I used to have in this day are dissipated. But I hadn’t forgotten the 1st of December we celebrated in 2012 in Alba-Iulia.

We visited the town 3 times until now. First it was in the summer of 2012 when we found the wonder in the middle of communist buildings. The citadel was in renovation work, but this didn’t stopped us to visit each tunnel, each corner of the citadel. The smell of fresh grass was so pronounced and encouraged the flash backs with the departed childhood from the country side. In old stables pubs were arranged and it was a pleasure to eat outside, at a wooden table with a big glass of beer in front. The citadel has several gates which are guarded by men dressed in medieval costumes. At midday the guard is changed and a beautiful parade takes place. The same happened on 1st of December. With high expectations, we headed out to the citadel. But this time I was expecting more, since it was our national day. Where were the songs, the dance? It was freezing so we wandered around with hot wine in our hands. Late in the evening a national dance took place; we were kind of pissed off because we couldn’t find a place to eat, so we didn’t lived the moment at maximum. Overall it was a good experience, so next year we had again a stop at the citadel. The other days I’ve read that the renovation works are finished so a revisit will be a pleasure.

… and Happy birthday Romania!!