At the crack of dawn I’ve started to sort the pictures I made yesterday in Amsterdamse Dunes Park. It wasn’t the first time we’ve been there, but for one month I was planning to go again in order to wander another route to the sea. The park trails are easy and from time to time you meet with a deer. This time we were even luckier – we’ve seen a fox. She approached us, I think she was looking for something to eat; but since in the park is not allowed to feed the animals we didn’t had anything with us.

The route takes you to Zandvoort Beach. The cold November day seemed to be perfect for some kite-surfing: dozen of kites above the sea, while we were freezing only due to the strong wind. But the sun was up in the sky, creating special effects with the hazard waves of the sea. Small birds were eating something that the waves were bringing on the beach: cute and little they were jumping into the water when the waves were withdrawing into the sea. As the waves were coming back they were running quickly with their tinny legs.

Everybody is sleeping now. I can’t stop to think about the fact that one year ago we were already decided to move with the job offer in my mailbox. People create so many clocks in their lives, this year I counted on so many events I can’t remember. All in all the clock is resetting each time and soon we will celebrate one year since we were with our cat in the empty house, with no lights. But until then we have a lot more to think about.