In Amsterdam winter starts to install. It’s cold and today the rain seemed to be snow; the powerful fall finished in minutes under the sun. The same cold weather was on Sunday morning in Porto. When I woke up it was raining and as I was smoking my first cigarette of the day the sun started to appear from the clouds. It was for a short period of time, but until all of us managed to wake up and get ready, the rain was long forgotten.

As we were wandering around Ribera neighborhood we’ve found a small restaurant with a river view. It was arranged in an old house, in the living room. The food was delicious, cheap and more than enough. The house wine was also good, sweetish, cold and a good way to start the walking tour around Ponte Luis I and Gaia. The stairs near the bridge take you through the buildings having a lot of clothes above you and brings you on the bridge, having a great view of Ribera houses and Douro. From the other side we took the cable car, which was kind of expensive for the short ride. But at least it had included a wine taste in a winery in Gaia. We entered the nice winery hearing a passionate Portuguese song. Initially I didn’t realize that it was live, but when we arrived at the bar I observed a girl playing the piano and another one singing from all her heart. The music was so powerful and even if I didn’t understood the words I felt the sadness of them.

We wanted to go on a boat trip, but not before eating Bolo del Rei cake, which is so good! Fortunately we caught the last boat trip on the river: at 5 pm, when the night starts falling. As we headed to Maria Pia Bridge, the sun was setting down and the lights were appearing one by one. After we admired from the distance the 6th bridge we turned around in order to get to the ocean. I liked the boat trip so much that I stayed outside, even if it was kind of cold. This is the end of our city break in Porto, but for sure we will go back in Portugal to visit other areas (especially the mountains).