I enjoy so much traveling! Each time I go in a new place I feel like my life is resetting and who doesn’t like new beginnings?

We booked an apartment in Praca da Liberdade and the first thing we’ve done was to go to a fruit store. The stores offer a large variety of fruits and wines, so it was kind of hard to pick something. But we managed it and I tasted the best kaki from my life. Next day we’ve visited Mercado do Bolhao, which kind of disappointed me – it was a highly recommended place to eat, but there wasn’t so much choice. But at least we’ve tried the passion fruit, which is really tasty. And what a tourists wants? A nice place to enjoy his meal, hearing the spoken language in the country he visits – the place we took our breakfast wasn’t fancy, but cheap and you could hear a lot of Portuguese around you.

Since I never seen the ocean my first choice was to visit the beaches from Porto. We’ve started walking from the Trindade area and after a while we met with the river. Along it we followed the pedestrian route to the ocean. The street is going above the river and I felt a little bit uncomfortable with the water beneath me. But I managed to pass over this feeling with raising my eyes up to the city. The colorful houses steal your sight and in couple of seconds you forget about the water. On our way we encountered a dozen people fishing, and what was curious was that in the place where a lot of fish can be observed there were none (I guess it is illegal to fish in those areas). After 8 km we reached the ocean – the waves froze us and I felt like I don’t want to leave this place – I would have stayed all day long to watch and measure the impressive waves. We stayed so long around it that we admired the sunset too. Together with the sun the warmth of the day was going down too – we’ve tried to visit Parque da Cidade but we couldn’t find the entrance. So we took a bus back into the center and put an end to the day with some wine and a board game in the apartment.