I enjoy music a lot. Ok, I enjoy music I like a lot. Even if I am really behind in terms of music I can’t imagine my life without it. And I love concerts: the magnificent feeling of belonging, of singing with hundreds, of dancing no matter what.
When I was young (in high school) I was going to all the rock concerts organized in our small town. We were less than 50 that loved this kind of music so we knew each other (not too well, but enough) and during pogo there was no harsh contact. Thou, once I was with my arms in a really big pain after a pogo. But I was young, it was fun. After I moved in Bucharest I’ve stopped participating in pogo, because there were more people, more big guys pushing around like stupid. But I continued to enjoy concerts: I head banged like crazy at Marilyn Manson or Korn, I cried at Leonard Cohen or Anathema and I laughed insanely at a medieval choir.
In April I’ve been to my first concert in NL: System of a down at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam. I grew up with SOAD albums so I wanted so bad to be there, but to be in front of the scene, with all the other people that like their music, who jump and head bang. We couldn’t find any more tickets for the floor so we had to admire the concert from above. In the moment SOAD started singing a lot of people started to throw their beers in the people from the floor. From time to time a glass of beer was just flying before your eyes and ending up on somebody. OK – that’s a first. I think that if I would be hit by a beer during a concert all my good disposition will be gone in seconds. But yesterday… yesterday we’ve been at The Prodigy concert. I was above and watching the crowd: they were like a single person, dancing, and shouting. From time to time holes were created in the crowd and in seconds the pogo started. Oh, what a feeling! At a moment they shouted “Everybody on the floor: get down!”; they listened and when the song started everybody jumped. Can you imagine this? I was so impressed and so sorry I wasn’t there. I was at the same concert, but for me it was for sure another experience.
Do you know why the people are throwing the beers? I would like for the next concert to buy tickets for the floor area, but I am afraid not to receive a beer in the face.