I am falling in love more and more with Haarlem, the city we moved in. It is so tight, warm and full of friendly people! It’s a nice place to visit, but a better one to live in: people are smiling at you with no reason and you say “hi” to everyone on the streets.

Today we decided to visit a museum, but on the way we have encountered the SinterKlaas scene so we stayed around it a while. I knew that today SinterKlaas is coming to town, but since I have my kickbox lesson at noon, we skipped the moment in which he is on the boat on Spaarne river. Grote Markt was full of kids dressed in special costumes. And what to say about Zwarte Piet? There were so many people dressed in him that you couldn’t count. More info about the tradition you may find here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwarte_Piet .

Since it was already over 4 we decided to take a walk in the park and postpone the museum (it was closing at 5). In Haarlem is a huge park and in the middle of it cars pass to and from Heemstede. Finally I got to enjoy the autumn in my favorite way, just walking through the colorful leaves (during weekdays it’s kind of impossible, since at 6 it’s already night). After wandering for about 2 hours in the park we’ve taken a breath at the recently open beer place near our apartment.