As I was saying in my previous posts, last year was the first year I’ve started to travel outside Romania. I didn’t know what Airbnb or Booking means, I didn’t know how to book a flight online or to check in. That’s no problem for me nowadays and, of course, you will always find a tourism agency to do this for you. We contacted the same guy, which arranged us London and Paris, and told him that we want to spend some days in Turkey: 3 nights in Istanbul and 4 nights in Antalya. So he sent me some offers and I chose the one with Alanya. Dummy me! I wasn’t even able to google maps correctly: I searched the hotel, I’ve seen that it’s not that far from the beach, but I wasn’t able to see that is 100km away from Antalya (yeah, stupid, with IT diploma and, at that time, 8 years experience in IT programming!).

Time passed by and, with one week before our holiday, I went out with my colleagues and some consultants from Czech Republic. Somehow, the discussion about my holiday came and one of the guys said that he usually goes in Alanya, it’s really nice and not that crowded as Antalya. And I said: “wait a minute, Alanya is not in Antalya?” Definitely NOT! Again: dummy me, right? Going back home, this time I searched more careful where we are going in holiday: it didn’t seemed as I imagined, the beach was nice; we had mountains around us and the opportunity to go in a day trip in Sapadere Canyon. The only thing left unsolved was the trip from Antalya to Alanya. I found a lot of information about cheap busses from the airport, but when we landed we couldn’t find any bus station. So we talked with a guy that was driving a charter bus and he took us with him, even if we had fly by another company. He asked for 100 Turkish liras, which we though it’s a lot for only 100km. I think he saw us upset and he gave us back 25 liras, which was kind of nice. Not only the location I had mistaken, but even the hotel was a lot different from what I’ve read online: the pool was really small and it takes 20 minutes to the beach. But at least the food was great (I wanted to see what all-inclusive means – first and last time) and you could drink whatever-whenever. The hotel was clean, not hot, so we said that’s it.

The road to the beach is on large streets with palm trees and pomegranate trees, avocado, lime, figs. Each day I was taking pictures to the same trees, because I was so impressed. I would like to have all these trees in my garden since I am a fruit addicted. The beach is beautiful, the blue sea and the sand magnificent. In the left, the mountain was growing from the sea and on top of it a nice citadel was open for visits. I really enjoyed Alanya, even if I don’t like the sea that much. But Alanya is not only about the sea: you have mountains in your back, the citadel to visit or the harbor. In the 5 days we stayed we didn’t get bored, just wandered around, instead of staying in the sun all day long.

For one day we arranged to go to Sapadere Canyon, there are a lot of agencies which offer all kinds of day trips. We were 20 people in 3-4 jeeps and during the trip we had water fights (which kind of irritate us, since we had the cameras with us), but in the end was amusing. First we’ve stopped in a banana plantation, where I had the opportunity to see, for the first time in my life, a banana tree. After taking lots of pictures with the trees, we headed to a small cave hidden well in the mountains. The view was amazing from up there, how the mountains were flooded with blue light. From there we’ve entered Sapadere Canyon: the wooden trail goes through the mountains and let you dive in the beautiful natural pools created by waterfalls. On the way back we’ve been in a small town, in which the people raise silkworms. A lot of new things to learn in one day, a trip I would do again.