Nobody knows from where Don Quijote is, but when you go in Toledo you will have the impression that he was from there, since all over the town you will see a statue of him. But we will not get fooled, right?

As the other towns we visited in this trip, Toledo has narrow streets and is built in the top of the hill. This types of cities require a overall good physical condition, but after a while you get used with it and the climbing phase is just a memory. We arrived at 9 in the morning and the city wasn’t that crowded, but until noon a lot of tourists were at each street corner. Toledo is 30 minute away with the train from Madrid. From the train station we took a bus until the center, but we came back on foot and it took like 20 minutes. On each side of the town are arranged view points which offer you great images: the mountains on the right, a castle on the left, the river or the main gates to the town.