At a first glance, when I exited the train station, Cordoba reminded me about Brasov: the mountains in the left, the open square and the big buildings nearby. But as we’ve started to enter the park the picture changed: palm trees, old reminiscence of an ancient civilization, roman statues, arabian feeling in a European city.

The old town is full of history: at each corner you will find memories from different civilizations, the ones who used to rule the land. Beautiful, archaic churches, roman buildings and, most noticeable, the Arabic print in the European civilization. The cathedral will take your eyes and will make you wonder how come religion battles could have counted so much (at least for me this was the case).

The receptionist from the hostel we’ve stayed gave us nice tips about the city. For example, the cathedral is free of charge in the morning between 8:30 and 10:00. He said it’s better to visit it then, because after 10 a lot of school visits are done and the cathedral will be full with kids. We listen to him and at 8:30 we were already in the cathedral. The combination it’s impressive and, of course, I was amazed by the greatness of Muslim culture combined with Christianity.

Wandering around the old town we’ve found narrow streets and beautiful churches. The grandeur of religion is at each step and, even if I am not a religious person, I was impressed by it. But what I loved most were the interior gardens of each building: clean, superb gardens. Oh, I would like to have one!