I need a break. In the last days I was focused on the news from Romania, where the things I hoped for in the last 3 years are happening. The prime minister quit. In an abusive manner I posted frequently on my FB page a lot of posts related with the manifestations from Bucharest. I am not there; I am watching on a screen, I am searching online. My heart is all there, but I need a break. And my break is Setenil de las Bodegas.

We’ve taken a bus from Ronda at 8 in the morning. We were expecting a small bus, but it was a couch one, big and comfortable sits. The road goes through Arriate, another beautiful town we missed. The streets are so narrow that I was able to see inside people houses. While the bus is going on the road, suddenly, a white town, in the top of a mountain, arises.  I think that it’s Olvera, but I am not sure. In the research I made online this was another town recommended for day trips, but there’ no advantageous bus from Ronda.

The first thing I’ve noticed, when I got down the bus, was that at a small place near the bus station a lot of old men were standing outside, drinking and talking. No women. As we’ve entered the town by foot the same imagine started to repeat: at each bodega men were standing outside with drinks, but rarely any woman. And as we headed up in the town I’ve started to see the women: they were cleaning the windows, the gardens, the houses. I had a flash back from my grandparents village, where men are standing at the gate talking and women are doing stuffs in the house. This is how Setenil felt: a small town, in the middle of the mountains, where the recognition of women rights is still waiting.

The houses in Setenil are built in the mountains. I think the space inside is really tight, but they have a special appearance. The streets offer you “delicious” views, an old man sitting in front of the door on a blue chair, the church in the top, the white houses. Everything seems torn from a story.