For this evening I was prepared to work on a post about another town we’ve visited in Spain. But, after 3 days in which I tried not to think about it and just go on with my life, today it got me. And all from the fact that the orthodox church is not saying anything to the families in pain!

I am so furious, frustrated. 3 days ago a club burned in Bucharest, during a rock concert. 31 people died and 140 are in hospital, from which at least 30 are in critical condition. I could have been one of them, since I enjoy rock music and I like to go to concerts from time to time. It could have been one of my friends, but luckily they are ok. So in the last 3 days I refused to think about it, I even started to get mad on all the news I was seeing on my facebook page. At the romanian television they are talking only about this, in the papers the same. And it is normal, it’s the most catastrophic event happened in many years. And it is normal, 31 young people died at a rock concert because of the corrupted system, because the owner didn’t had fire authorization, because our political leaders are thinking only about their own ass, and not about our nation.

But what made me write this was the reaction of the church. Each year the church receives a lot (like A LOT – more than other state departments) of money for the priests, churches and so on. In Romania exist 18000 churches, but only 425 hospitals. I don’t want to get into this dispute. I am only thinking about the parents who lost their children or of whom children are fighting with death in the hospital. I am only thinking about the priests that should offer compassion and help people. If I was at that concert, if I was the one dead or the one in the hospital, I know that my mother would had found an escape in religion, priests and churches. When I was young I was a really rocker girl – black eyes, long hair, black dressed. I was fighting with my parents daily about my style. Growing up I quit being so evident in my music choice, but I still listen rock. Like in this moment; Marilyn Manson was my favorite 15 years ago, it will remain the same for many years from now. And my mother always was complaining about the “satanic” music I listen to, about the posters from my bedroom and so on. She was always saying that one day I will find God, that I should go to church etc. She is religious like many of the women her age. So I can image that many of the families that lost their child in the fire are the same. And I would expect from our church to embrace them, to offer them support and a shoulder to cry on… to be their savers…

But NO: our church in 3 days didn’t react. They stayed silent, expecting for this to pass. How can they be so cruel? How can they walk down the 10 rules of Christianity? How can they? How is it possible for them to say that the people who died are satanic and rockers, so they don’t need any God. But what about their suffering parents, the ones which are going to church and are opening the door for the lying hand priest?

I am so revolted! Because it’s just like in Marilyn Manson’s song:

Some children died the other day
We fed machines and then we prayed
Puked up and down in morbid faith
You should have seen the ratings that day
We’re the nobodies
Wanna be somebodies
We’re dead,
We know just who we are