I don’t remember how I found it. Mainly I was searching on Google Maps places to visit in Spain and I stumble on Ronda. In the mountains, a white town, full of history. After some research we decided to spend 3 days in Ronda, since there are hiking trails from it and it was one of the top attractions in the area.

From Seville we’ve taken a bus which goes through the mountains, in the middle of them, to this wonderful town. The white houses, the streets paved and the magnificent view points make you wonder if all of it is true or not. Since from Seville are a lot of day trips to Ronda during the day the town is crowded, but after the night falls you find yourself in a quit and peaceful town in the top of the mountains. Looking at the departed mountains you will start searching for the little lights hidden well in the walls.

The town offers you a go back in time experience: it shows you more than Seville how the oriental is combined with occidental culture. From the palm trees to the arabic baths, from the spanish ceramic to the sangria on the table. The main attraction is El Tajo, colossal bridge which brings together the old and the new town. Staring down I got a little bit dizziness, but after the hiking trail underneath the bridge all of this disappeared. On each side of the mountain a garden is opened for you in order to admire the stones on which the town is built.