I admit it! I am not in a great shape, but I love hiking. It was my number one hobby in Romania and when we’ve seen that there’s a marked trail from Ronda to Benaojan we hardly waited for the next day. First, we took the train to Benaojan-Montejaque station in order to have how many hours we want on the road back. And as it’s always happening, when we’ve seen at the train station a sign to Cueva del Gato we changed our route.

The road to the cave it’s really easy, you simply follow the river without changing the altitude that much. I don’t know if we entered the cave legally (since at the entrance a sign with “no entry without authorization” exists), but we just climbed a little bit in it, without going much further from the small bridge above the water. I think that the sign was in case you want to go deeper in the cave, since there are 7 lakes and rooms. From the cave you will find a small footpath going up and up. And as a general rule on the mountains – if there’s no sign, then follow the path. This was the hardest part, but we were fresh (the road to the cave was like 3 km) and happy that we hike again. Due to the fact that we already had a detour of 5 km and we had another 15 to walk we decided to go directly to Ronda, without visiting Benaojan. I think that from Benaojan a trail to Montejaque exists and from Montejaque to Ronda, but it was too much for us.

The road is easy, going above the train line, seeing stony mountains in your left and haciendas on the right. But after 15 km I’ve started to feel tired and somehow bored: the views were beautiful, but the same for hours and I lost my interest. Maybe if I was on the mountain bike like the guys that passed us the trip would have been different. But, at least, I had the opportunity to view the biggest ant from my life, 5 different types of birds, a unusual colorful goat flock and, as we were approaching Ronda, olive trees with black olives.