OK, probably I am just exaggerating. It is very possible to be the same as it was last year when we visited Netherlands after 10 days in Turkey. Because after 10 days at 40 degrees, Netherlands seemed heaven. The weather was great, 25-27 degrees, so we said: “wow, what a nice country, it’s not that hot as in Romania, we can travel a lot from here”. This is how 6 months later we were in the airplane with our cat on the way to a new life. So, of course, I can get the fact that after almost 2 weeks with no sun and only rain in Netherlands, Seville seemed exceptional. But it is exceptional, the large or narrow streets, the palm trees punching the sky, the food, the wine, everything.

We decided to fly to Madrid (since there was no direct flight to Seville) and from there to take the high speed train. We did the same last year, traveled with Renfe from Barcelona to Madrid, and it’s a good way to view a little bit the country. Between Madrid and Seville are approximately 500 kilometers, but the train takes 2:30 hours (and as a tip: if you book your tickets with 2-3 months in advance you can buy them even with 75% discount).  Since I don’t have much general culture (I kind of skipped these lessons in high school), I was impressed to see on the left and on the right olive trees – like a lot. As you go with the train you will be enchanted by the haciendas, the white, big houses in the top of the hills surrounded by olive gardens. A picturesque image will be provided by the abandoned haciendas, with the trees climbing through the ceiling. I know… it’s a sad choice which people make: moving to the city, quitting the country life style. It’s happening everywhere, everybody wants another life, not isolated, with all the comfortable things. In all our trips made in Spain last week we saw a lot of deserted houses, from hill to hill, between the white haciendas, a small shape of a previous beautiful house is rising.

As we entered Seville I was purely fascinated by the palm trees. I didn’t expect to like them so much; it gives you the feeling of an Arabian desert filled with beautiful houses. Now, that one week passed and we’ve been in so many places, I am starting to mix the pictures. But, as usual we just wandered on the streets, and this time we visited some tourist attractions like Alcazar or the bullfighting arena. Alcazar is impressive and if you are in Seville have no doubts in visiting: you will be amazed of this Arabic jewelry. Oh and how can I forget Plaza de Espana?! It’s purely amazing, all the work, the colorful ceramics and the old buildings. Beside tapas, sangria and wine, just walk on the narrow streets, admire the houses and feel free: this is why I fall in love with Seville.