I don’t know about you, but in the last years I heard more about Bruges as being the city of love than Paris. I was really curious to see for myself what means “city of love” (since Paris meant “city of perfect dessert”), so when our friends proposed us to go in a Bruges city break we jumped into it. Belgium is close to every location from Netherlands: we’ve took a train from NS International and changed it in Antwerp. The trip took like 3 hours or so.

Bruges was nice, but it was in March, the weather wasn’t that great. Cold, rainy, we had bad luck with our staying at one hostel, we kind of missed the whole “city of love” thing. And of course after you visit a lot of Netherlands, Bruges is not that new or surprising. But now, when I look at the pictures, it seems to be, in fact, a really nice town to visit. So take your “half” and just go in Bruges for a delicious waffle, good beer and curious food.