Already 2 degrees in the morning and at the market are sold the same fruits and vegetables as in summer time. In Romania it’s snowing, here is freezing cold and the trees aren’t gold. So where’s autumn? Where’s the second season I love? The fruits, the smell of golden trees? I remember one team building I’ve been with my colleagues I worked with for almost 3 years. It was in October 2012 in Moeciu de Sus, a village in Brasov county. The food was great, the drinks were even better and the full of laugh nights were white. The pictures are taken in the period I was trying to use a DSLR camera, but meanwhile I quit. They aren’t all from Moeciu, but mainly from areas around it. And there’s also one picture with Bran Castle (without Dracula), from 2014, another team building, other funny nights.