In high school I was an art enthusiast, but over the year my knowledge and art love dissipated. As we were thinking to make a stop before Rotterdam, I passed with my eyes on the small dot on the map and started google it. So I found out that in Delft, Vermeer was born. With my memories about the girl reading a letter (I used to have a lot of letter conversations back then) I just waited to visit the beautiful Delft. The center of the town is similar with other small cities, but the big and leaning cathedral is different from the other ones (at least from outside, I don’t usually enter churches). We’ve lost ourselves on the streets, just wandering around and admiring the “blue delft” tourist shops. I was expecting to find some buildings with the specific ceramic, but it wasn’t the case. Even so, Delft offers you nice streets, fancy buildings and if you go there on a Saturday you will be embraced with the smell of hot caramel and fried nuts.