We’ve been to Zuid-Kennemerland a few times and when I saw on Expats Haarlem FB page a post regarding the bison trail I said I couldn’t miss that. So last weekend, together with a friend that came in visit, we decided to go in the park to admire the European bison.

Unfortunately there was no bison, but the route was nice, through the woods. We’ve been on the Middenduin route and afterwards on the Duinlust route. On wisenten.nl you can find more information about the routes. We wanted so much to go on the bison trail that we thought that if we will go straight in the woods we will finally reach the official route. But after climbing and trying to avoid the spider webs between the trees we ended up in somebody’s backyard. The house was amazing, but I think nobody was living there. So we’ve exit the private residence and took the bus to Zandvoort and just enjoyed the beach.

Since today the weather announced to be good we went again to find the bison. This time we’ve entered the park hoping we will find somehow on the official route (looking at the pictures now the third picture I took is with the yellow pylon – d’eh it could have been worse!). But this time (again!) we managed to miss it. Driven by the sounds of cars we ended up in Circuit Zandvoort and viewed for a little while motorbikes in the circuit. After that we’ve entered the bicycle route and I was already mad that we will go home again without seeing any bison. But we managed to find an entrance near the bicycle route. Instead of a usual wooden gate we’ve found stairs over the fence ( the park has protected areas with fence, for animals/people). The trail is marked with yellow wooden pylons and you go from flat green area to sand holes to dune hills. The flora is amazing and it’s changing each step you take. After 40 minutes of wandering around we finally met with a flock of bison resting near a lake. With a small heart we’ve taken some pictures. After the bison encounter we’ve met with some wild horses and with a small lizard. I was all sweaty after climbing the dunes and who says that Netherlands is flat doesn’t know about this amazing trails through the dunes.