Autumn started. So fast. Since we are back it’s only raining and my emotional state is starting to feel like a in a big pool with all the clouds in the world above me.

Last week I’ve been in Romania to visit my family. September is an important month, since the school is starting and it’s the official end of summer. We landed in Otopeni around 10 pm and, after a rainy week in Netherlands, we felt like in an incubator – it was hot like hell, even if it was night. The next two days it was the same, hot and I was starting to pray for a little bit of chill wind. Now I’m starting to regret that I didn’t enjoy the weather as I should have had.

This time it was different. I had found a Bucharest full of people, on Sunday at 8 am the bus was crowded and I was thinking about the empty town in which I am living – in Haarlem you barely see somebody on the street on Sunday morning. I went to a walk in Cismigiu Park with a friend and her sweet little daughter. Now that I am thinking about the park a lot of memories are coming back as a flash through my eyes: the first getaway as a student in the middle of the night, the long walks and talks and all the romance I lived in my early years. While I was in Bucharest I couldn’t miss a Suie Paparude concert – an electro band which I like and listen each morning on my way to work. And of course a lot of meetings, in one day I met with almost everybody I knew, because I had to leave Bucharest to North of Romania. I regret a little bit that I didn’t have the chance to have a trip with “Bucharest city tour” bus which I liked so much. But maybe next time.

First we stopped in Piatra-Neamt, for 2 nights. It’s a small nice town in the middle of the mountains. I used to spend a lot of time here, since I was a little child. From Piatra-Neamt you can get easy to Bicaz (to visit the lake or Bicaz Canion) or to Durau in order to visit Ceahlau. We had small trips in the area to Batca Doamnei hill (where we were hypnotized by the sunset over Ceahlau) and to Pangarati Lake.

From Piatra-Neamt we went to my parents in Botosani . This time it was different. As the bus started to go, my tears started to fall. I was used with crying each time I left home, but I was surprised to be such a sad and strong feeling. It was even harder than in January when I was preparing to leave Romania for the first time. It is clear: I am entering the homesick phase from month 6 to month 9. Hope to pass soon, but as the weather goes I think it will stay a little bit longer. And this time not even a beer can cheer me up.