From a while now I am just thinking to have a new holiday, but one to relax in, to visit slowly new cities and to learn something new. I was just dreaming with my open eyes about Curacao, but I have only 1 week at my disposal so this fails. I searched about Ireland or Scotland, but I want it for the end of October and after the rainy weeks in Netherlands I would like to enjoy a little bit of sun. So there were many possibilities, but what to choose? Everything looks amazing! So going through (this how I choose, mainly, a new location) I remembered about Spain.

We’ve been in Spain last year for one week. I wasn’t expecting much of it, but OMG it was simply beautiful and peaceful! We’ve stayed in Barcelona for 4 days, 1 day in Valencia and 2 in Madrid. Barcelona drove us crazy with Gaudi’s art (Dutch pronounce it “Haudi” ?! 🙂 ), the good food and the street dancers. It was almost the end of September, but the weather was amazing, we even took a bath in the sea. Barcelona offers you a lot of things: from the nice small streets to the cable-way and imposing buildings. Don’t miss Gaudi’s park: it’s just crazy! Above all, Merce festival was taking place, so on each big plaza concerts were organized. We’ve attended the spectacular show at the Magic Fountain, which I considered one of the best I’ve seen: colorful water, fireworks and sad music. In the same location one day before it was a concert at which we’ve arrived by mistake: the metro was full of teenagers, it was after 10 pm so we decided to follow them just to see where the youngsters celebrate. When we’ve exit the metro station it was like WOW: I think there were over 10.000 teenagers. It was a local star concert, quite OK, but we left after some melodies – we were the oldest ones in the crowd.

Recommended by a friend, we’ve decided to visit in one day a little bit of Valencia and it’s oceanographic. I’ve liked it so much that I was quite of sad that we’ve chosen Madrid over it. We’ve spent over 5 hours in the oceanographic: it’s huge and since I love fishes (I used to have home aquarium – I’ve quit after 3 years of continuous death) I’ve stayed a lot in front of the beautiful aquariums.

Madrid it was too big for me: the buildings were imposing and the big streets just annoyed me. But we’ve eaten a lot of good sea food, drinking a wine with plums taste and spending each evening at San Gines chocolate place (with a bunch of churros and hot chocolate in front).

This time we will try something else, but we will return for one night in Madrid. Mainly to eat again in the restaurant we’ve eaten twice and to taste again San Gines chocolate. But until then, I have to catch a plain to Romania. Because sometimes I wonder if I am truly gone.