So now 6 months passed since our move in Netherlands. In fact we are in between 6 and 7, but who counts? 6 months of freedom, I think of them this way. Day by day I encounter with myself and it’s a nice feeling to be individual again. But many things changed in my life, good and bad. Over all, I can’t say I am homesick, I am just “friendssick”. Because most of the friends I had, just got off from the picture and the funny meetings are replaced with emails or messenger.

But what have I learned in this 6 months?

  1. If the intercity has delays and in between there’s a sprinter don’t you ever take the sprinter! The intercity will, 99% of the time, arrive first at the destination.
  2. Don’t forget to check out!
  3. Most of the time when somebody asks you something in Dutch and you reply in English, they will say “Oh, you speak English!” and just leave.
  4. Don’t stare at the naked girls in the gym’s locker room!
  5. You will find semolina in Albert Heijn stores, but only mixed with milk.
  6. If you want something similar with Romanian food & taste go to the Turkish stores.
  7. Apples have no taste.
  8. A sandwich means bread and cheese.
  9. There’s no fresh cow cheese.
  10. There’s no sheep cheese.
  11. There’s only cheese.
  12. In the market the fruits are the same as the ones in the stores, but more expensive.
  13. Feel free, don’t judge and you will not be judged.
  14. Don’t mind people who aren’t polite, it is just they have a different polite standard.
  15. Some neighbors will speak in Dutch with you even if they know you don’t speak Dutch.
  16. Going out means drinking 300 ml of beer and not 2 liters.
  17. Going out means eating some Dutch snacks and not cheese with eggs and polenta.
  18. Concerts means nice music with a 250 ml beer in your hand.
  19. Small is big, when you’re speaking in beer terms.
  20. Drink beer – it’s tasty.